Mrs Barton’s Leaving Words for the Class of 2017

Some say that every cloud has a silver lining.
I like to think that every cloud holds an opportunity.
Will you be the person sitting safe inside, wrapped in a soft cocoon,
Or will you be the one perched on top…
Watching, waiting…
For that chance to make a difference?
Will you be the one who sets their cloud ablaze?
When the path divides,
Will you be the one who chooses the path less travelled?
When your beliefs are challenged,
Will you be the one to maintain integrity?
When your time is demanded,
Will you be the one to take a step back to refocus your priorities?
When others don’t have a voice,
Will you encourage them and stand up for them with your words?
When you see injustice,
Will you be a leader and make things right?
Will you carve out your own path?
Will you stand firm in your beliefs?
Will you take time to continually reflect on your priorities?
Will you be a voice for those without one?
Will you always be a leader?
To balance unwaveringly on top of that cloud,
You need courage.
You only need faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain,
So courage in equal measure?
Imagine the possibilities…
Remember that God never gives you more than you can handle.
So, be that cloud surfer,
Poised and ready for the next challenge that is sure to come your way.
Be you…
But know who YOU are.
Be different…
Ready to stand apart from the crowd.
Be a leader…
Unafraid to stand alone.
Go out into this world
And don’t hide your light.
Be phenomenal
And Shine On!

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One Response to Mrs Barton’s Leaving Words for the Class of 2017

  1. Wonderful and inspiring parting words, which I am sure moved many.

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