Are you an ‘extraordinary’ leader?

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Having read a few @staffrm blogs and various Tweets today, it has reminded me of the importance of being ‘true to oneself’.  Often, we find ourselves in situations where our persona changes, or we alter our personality to fit the circumstances.  You all know exactly what I mean.

I have learnt many lessons, that being genuinely YOU will bring you greater joy than if you hadn’t let who you ‘are’ shine through.  In fact, if you are trying to fit in by not allowing your true ‘self’ to shine through, then your happiness will suffer.  Also, you can only keep up an ‘act’ for so long before the cracks begin appearing.  If you aren’t accepted for who YOU are, then either the people you are with, or the place you are in, isn’t right for ‘you’.

As a leader, the fact that you are ‘unique’ and ‘different’ makes you stand apart from the rest.  Most leaders have dominant character traits that make them ‘extraordinary’.  Great leaders don’t hold back – their true, genuine self is what makes them influential and inspirational.

This term our theme at school has been about being ‘extraordinary’.  This means being ‘extraordinary’ learners, friends, and leaders.  It has made me think about how I have demonstrated being ‘extraordinary’.

Are you an ‘extraordinary’ leader?  Do you compromise your ‘personality’ or your ‘character’ to be that leader?

Be You…..’Extra’ordinary…and #ShineOn!


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