29 Days of Writing…surely it will be habit forming!

21days_habitsI’m hoping the promise of a new mug might lure me into carving out just 29 minutes of every day to write.  We’ll see!  How crazy is it that we are having to ‘find’ 29 minutes.  I know many of you will have the same thoughts….where am I going to find 29 minutes, 29 minutes to stay awake without collapsing at the end of another non-stop day.  Surely we owe it to ourselves to set aside 29 minutes a day to unwind and reflect on our day.  Without the pressure of having to refine and proof-read every sentence, lingering on each word wondering if will have the same meaning on the reader as it did myself – we can all accomplish 29 minutes, no problem!

I haven’t written much this month.  January, the month of promise, a new beginning and I’ve stuck to the same old routine.  I have to say, I’m not impressed with myself.  The exercise part just hasn’t taken root yet, but it will, don’t have any doubt!

The #29daysofwriting challenge will give all of us that push we need, to ‘find’ time in our busy schedules to think, to pause, and to take a breath.  I know that I need this time, to refocus and clear my mind of the busyness of the day.  We owe it to ourselves to do this….29 minutes, 29 days.  It shouldn’t be a challenge, but a welcome rest!

It definitely highlights how quickly the balance between work and home can quickly be off kilter.  If we can’t find 29 minutes in our day to write, ponder and question the world around us, then something isn’t right.


They say that it takes 21 days of continually repeating something to make it become habit….so if we can do 29 days, the rest of the year is looking pretty good!

Looking forward to reading lots of new blog posts this month!

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