The Journey…

In response to Julia Skinner’s 100 Word Challenge found here:

If you haven’t tried it, you should!

Key words…this time next year…


Jagged cliffs loom dangerously behind him,

as he drifts silently along the still, black waters,

his lamp, glowing,

casting darkened shadows on the brim of his straw hat,

silhouettes dancing against his weathered face,

below which a rough beard hides regret and sorrow.

Perhaps this time next year,

he’ll make it to the top before the ice sets in,

and will find the secret valleys that lie on the other side,

the place, the elders say, that will reveal his true destiny.

Yes….he nods…

I will set off earlier…

I will get to the summit…

I will try again,

next year.


100 Word Challenge

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One Response to The Journey…

  1. jfb57 says:

    The description of this chap is fabulous. I can picture him clearly. I’d love to know what tribe he belonged to and what his destiny is. Feels like an indian but I don’t associate them with water & cliffs. Let’s hope next year he does make it to the top!

    Your link was not correct & unfortunately I was not able to correct it (system was down) hence no comments but I’ll correct it when I can get in!

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