It’s the little things that matter…..

its-the-little-things-that-make-life-wonderful-quote-1We are supposed to start the New Year the way we intend to go on, right?

I didn’t go on a run today….I have actually been in my pyjamas all day with my kids (yes, I did admit to that-at least I wasn’t in my onesie!)….but, I wouldn’t have changed it.  The perfect end to a cosy, family inspired week.   What could be better to refresh and refuel before heading back to work on Monday?

Since the run didn’t happen, I thought I had better sit down and write, try to get my thoughts together before next week.

Continuing on the theme of wellbeing, I was thinking about some of the things that have had an impact on the morale of staff at school.  The one thing that keeps popping into my head is our coffee machine and our filtered cold water machine.  The coffee machine is just your basic machine that uses ground coffee beans rather than instant.  The smell of coffee now permeates the school and has definitely put a spring in some people’s steps in the morning.

Also, I was concerned about how little staff were drinking throughout the day.  Realising that the temptation of grabbing a cold glass of water was too hard to refuse, we bought a machine that filters and chills water.  Again, a small thing with a huge impact.

If you were to walk into our staff room, you wouldn’t even notice these things (I do notice however, now when I walk into other staff rooms if they don’t have a coffee machine), because they are just the little things that end up making a big difference.

Staff wellbeing is vitally important.  Schools need to accommodate their staff and make it as comfortable as possible for the people who put in their time and commitment to make it the amazing place that it is.  But this is the thing….for it to continue to be amazing, you have to show your staff how much they are appreciated.  This means that you have to take care of them.  You have to listen to them and respond (where feasible) to their needs.  If you want your staff to enjoy coming to work, you have to make it an enjoyable place to be.  Yes, this does mean that you have to invest in your staff.  To inspire children, your teachers have to be passionate and inspired themselves – therefore ensuring that you give them the things to make this possible is crucial!

This New Year, think about the little things.  What small things can you change or bring to your school to make staff more comfortable?  Is your school a ‘happy’ place to be?  Do colleagues enjoy being there?

Find out to see what ‘little things’ will make a big difference.

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