How do you deal with change…..Are you like A or B?

Sometimes there is just so much going on in my head that when I sit down to write I just don’t know where to start!

I wrote about reflection the other day and this is how I find time for mine….I write.

As a new headteacher last year, I thought that my first year would see the most change.  I was in a new setting, we had a new curriculum to prepare for, and the list went on and on. However, I have quickly realised that change comes no matter what.  Change is happening around us all the time and sometimes at quite an alarming rate.  Therefore, we need to always be able to deal with change no matter how much it impacts us.

Change happens……there is nothing we can do to stop it.  There will always be government change – the external changes that we have to cope with.  Then there may be staff changes, teachers or teaching assistants who move on.  Change not only happens at work but it happens at home.  The grocery store seems to flummox us when they change the isle that certain foods are on!  Change happens……every day.

The only way we can cope with change is to find ways to deal with it.  We can either be the type of person (let’s call them A) who allows change to make them stumble and lose confidence or we can be the type of person (let’s all them B) who greets change with an open mind, sometimes questioning it or sometimes hardly even noticing it has happened.

If you are A, then change will drag you down.  You will become that person in the staff room who only grumbles and gripes rather than person B who takes change for what it is.  They learn to work with it, they find the ways the change can actually benefit them and they use the change to promote a different way of thinking.

So are you like A or like B?

One of the questions I always ask during interviews is about a candidates adaptability and flexibility.  In school, one of your key strengths must be adaptability.  How often has anything gone to plan?  Adaptability is what makes an outstanding practitioner.  If you can’t ‘adapt’ for your classroom and your pupils, then you will never tailor the learning to their specific needs.

So, I ask you again.  Are you like A or like B?

If you are A…..and we all know people that are like A…..what can you do to change your attitude and way of thinking?

We all know A and we all know B.  But, we all want to be like B.

So the next time change happens……take time to think before you ‘react.’

People will want to sit next to you in the staff room……..

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