Why reflection matters as a leader……

Today I was reminded of the importance of reflection…..

I’ve not been very good at this lately.  I have been consumed by everything happening at school, the every day details that are constantly hurled our way.  And today I have realised that if I am not careful I will lose my ‘clear’ perspective.  A time for daily reflection and quiet thought on the issues of the day always make one a better leader.  For me, it ensures that I think through my decisions and don’t act on impulse but with clarity and careful consideration.

Of course all my decisions are carefully weighed up, however, having that time to re-focus and consider the ‘bigger’ picture always helps to balance things, helps to clarify reasoning, and helps to allow time to think through every small detail.  It is often these details that make all the difference and can turn good decisions into even better and more ‘impact’ driven decisions.

Reflection makes for a more purposeful leader; one with a clear vision and direction.

So, taking that fifteen minutes every day, to close out the sounds around you and to just think…….and write, or draw, or sip tea, or tap your pencil…..whatever it is that you do that helps you to come back to the realisation that everything is going to be all right, that there is nothing that can be thrown at you that is too much to handle……..

These are your thoughts as you are re-focusing.  This is getting back your clarity……..your perspective.  You finally have a moment to see the ‘big’ picture.

This is necessary as leader….necessary to make the right decisions for everyone involved.

An effective leader builds in time for reflection.

How will you make time for this today?

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2 Responses to Why reflection matters as a leader……

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I stumbled over it in my twitter feed in a tweet from @ukedchat. I have blogged about reflection and how important reflection is to me in the past. http://mattforrest.global2.vic.edu.au/2014/05/ I was reminded of just how important it is again this week just gone. Some pressing and highly emotional issues were thrown my way and I left school feeling a mess with thoughts, feelings and lacking the clarity and composure I usually feel in my work. I caught the train home and started reflecting in the notes on my phone (not my usual tool of choice for reflection but it was all I had at the time). The thoughts flooded out, first just pouring out as ideas, some of them in frustration, then the thoughts turned to solutions, then the solutions became honed until finally I was feeling calm and ready for the following day. I had a clear idea of how I was going to move forward with my tricky situation and I was relaxed.
    It got me to thinking about how important reflection is for our work, but also our health. I was bound up, frustrated and swimming in thoughts when I left school, but by the time I arrived at home I was calm and I had clarity. I was able to leave the issue at school (or on my phone 🙂 for the evening and I was more mindful and present when I got home to see my partner.
    You have put it so concisely how important reflection is so thank you, and thank you for the opportunity to do a little further reflection about my day last week 🙂

    • HeadSmart says:

      Reflection is so important….great example of how reflection helps us get a clearer perspective. Thank you for your comments. We need to prioritise it into our schedules…

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