A ‘time’ for reflection……

I’m sitting here with my daughter on a quilting weekend. Sewing is definitely not my thing, but my daughter absolutely loves it. She has been doing textiles at school, so for Christmas she received a sewing machine. This weekend she has been on a quilting course which I have had to attend because she is only 12. She is by far the youngest here but keeping up just the same. I’m actually in awe by what she is creating! I’ll have to post the final masterpiece!

I’ve had quite a few days of reflection, as on Friday I came back from the Oxfordshire Headteacher’s conference. It really was an excellent way to network with like-minded professionals and just have time to think. Time is not often on our side as we are always wishing for more just to catch up. Having ‘time’ to be able to listen to inspiring talks and discuss current affairs and ideas has allowed us to clear our heads so that we can go back into school fresh and with a cleared perspective.

Speakers included Tim Rylands, Sarah Neilds, Tait Coles, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Camilla Batmanghelidjh, David Blunkett and Richard Gerver. Lots of ideas…..some truly inspiring things to think about!

I’m so glad that I decided to go and know that next year will be just as informative. I was so enthralled by listening to Tim Rylands speaking that I ran up to him at the end to book him for our staff INSET next year. He was so engaging and I know that staff would be inspired and motivated by him -additionally they would come away with loads of ideas to help them use ICT to enhance the teaching of writing.

On Thursday I attended a Tait Coles workshop about Punk Learning…..again a few ideas I could take away with me.

I was very surprised by David Blunkett’s speech…I think many were. He spoke real sense. He made us realise why our jobs mattered and how we made a real difference to ‘generations’ of children.

The event ended with a closing speech by Richard Gerver. Again, motivational in helping us remember how important we were……we need to begin looking at ‘the gaps between the buildings.’ He also highlighted (what I had been talking about just the day before) how we need to be more ‘American’ in our attitude of building others up rather than constantly cutting people down. I completely concur with this and for one of the first times since living in Britain, was proud of having such an unmistakeable American accent and definitely the American attitude!

Thank you to all the organisers of the headteacher’s conference and to all the heads who were there to network!!

See you next year!!

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