Moving on in our learning journey………,

We had Diana Pardoe in again today.  I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to have her all day, just for our school.  I contemplated letting our partnership know so they could send their teachers, but today I wanted it just to be about us – to focus on what we were doing well and where we needed to go next.  It was just what we needed.

This morning was spent doing a learning walk, looking at the classroom environment, and talking to the children.  The children tell the truth about what is going on, they are the real litmus test…….

After the whole walk around, she then fed-back to many of the teachers (who could get away for half an hour before lunch with shuffling around of staff).  Through an open and honest conversation of what she had seen that was good practice, she then talked us through where she thought we needed to be going next.

The staff are amazing.  We are constantly talking about ‘what next’ and they don’t even flinch anymore.  They know we are always developing, which means we will always be refining and changing our practice.  They know it is about seeking to improve every aspect and that with this ethos comes the understanding that we can always get better therefore, we will always be ‘tweaking’ things.

It was powerful having most of the teachers in on the conversation so that they could all hear about what we were doing well as a school and then hear what it was that we could do to further embed the good practice that is currently going on.

Di also did an assembly for KS1 and for KS2 both focused on learning and matched perfectly for where the children’s understanding is.

The day ended with a parent’s presentation.  There were just over twenty parents in attendance (about 10%) – considering most of our parents work, this was a good turnout for the time that we were able to offer this.

Truly a day full of learning and thinking about the future.  It is so exciting to be able to clearly see where we are heading and what type of children we are trying to help develop.  With parent’s support, there is no reason why we shouldn’t reach our goal.  Even more positive is the fact that all the teachers are on board, they understand the importance Di’s philosophy and the theories and research behind it.

We are all clear about where we are going and it is ‘thrilling’ to work towards it as a community…..together we will get there more completely and quickly….

Thank you, Di!

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