Keeping Momentum……

It’s about this time that everyone starts to feel it.  The end of the term is in reach but still seems so distant.  You can see people getting tired, that sign when staff finally sit down at the end of the day and their body just flops.  Tonight during the staff meeting we were all fighting to keep awake…..but we keep going.  As teachers we can never stop….we come in battling sickness and tiredness but give it 110% – well here they do at least!

It got me thinking to day about keeping up the momentum.  How do we do it?  Not only in our day to day routines but the excitement and engagement that we continually pour into our children?

At the moment the momentum of change in learning is moving at a rapid pace.  Eventually it will slow down, but how do you keep a ‘momentum’ going all the time?  In school, things always have to keep moving forwards and looking to the future  – pace may slow, but spirits and enthusiasm always have to be constant.  I suppose that with change there is always a momentum of some kind (either positive or negative!), it is just about keeping things in perspective and under control.

In schools ‘momentum’ can never cease……we always must keep ‘momentum’ going and going and going.  The children must be inspired and engaged through creative approaches to the curriculum.  No matter what, we never stop, we always keep momentum going….we always find a way…..that is just what we do…..

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