Developing character…….

Getting ready for a new week….the days continue to fly by.  Only a few more weeks until half term… do we fit it all in?

I’ve been thinking about character and how we develop it in our school.  I think developing character comes as part of the package that our school offers.  We have our key values that underpin everything we do as a school.  These values are referred to constantly….as a Church of England school we also have Bible verses that relate to these, which the children know and many can recite by heart.

But, we also have our ethos of ‘being our best’ in which teachers talk to pupils about being the best learners they can be.  They have discussions about what blocks them from learning and what helps them to learn.  From these discussions, the children talk about effort, perseverance, resilience, ‘bounce-back-ability’ and grit.  They understand this……they know what it looks like in practice.

So, yes, we develop character……we teach children to make mistakes….to learn from their mistakes… keep going even when they have made the same mistake a hundred times… never give up.

If you talk to any of our children from reception to year 6, they will tell you what it means to be a ‘purple’ learner, how to stay in the challenge zone. They can tell you what our values mean and what the core values of an effective learner are and why they are important to their success.  They can talk to you about why a growth-mindset will help you to reach your potential…..they can explain how to turn a ‘fixed mindset’ around.

Talk to the children and they will tell you……they always tell the truth.

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