Back into the classroom….

For the past few days I have been covering subject leaders so they can move forwards with policies, curriculum and assessment.

Even though I teach regularly throughout the week taking a ‘motivated’ year six maths group, taking guided reading groups and covering where needed, having a chance to take different classes for the day has meant that I have been able to immerse myself in teaching. Usually the teachers leave me their planning but today I had gone to the teacher and asked if I could do the planning. I was teaching reception today and the children had led the planning towards the weather…..specifically snow…..and polar bears. Last night, instead of working on any of the usual things…….I was planning. It was great!

Polar bears turned into penguins and today we have watched clips from ‘March of the Penguins,’ talked about the Northern Lights, looked at temperatures and did penguin writing, penguin maths, penguin crafts and even a PE lesson with dance (pretending to be snowflakes and penguins of course!) incorporating a balance. Even though I had a fantastic day, I have to say I was exhausted at the end (I don’t know how EYFS teachers keep it up!).

Immersing myself in teaching, the children and their learning always reminds me why I came into the profession in the first place.

All of us in school have the ability to impact upon children’s lives in more ways than we can often realise. From the caretaker to the school cook to the teacher, we all can become a part of a child’s key memory of school. Their primary years are the foundation of all their learning……the key to their future…..and we are all a vital part of that process.

There really is no better place to be than a school where learning is alive….

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