Seeking out the positives……

I’ve been writing another headteacher’s report for our full governing body meeting next week.  It only seems like last week that I wrote the first one of this academic year…..I really don’t know where the time goes!

When I first sit down to begin writing it, I draw a blank….I know that there has been so many things going on and accomplishments, but I never can think of them to begin with.  Then I start looking at our school development plan, realising just how much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time.

The thing is, our school development plan is not comprised of just small and quick wins – but really ‘deep’ targets – things that need to be embedded, things that will become a part of our ethos.  Looking through it, I realise how much our ethos has changed and what a stimulating environment we all work in.

It can be hard to point out the positives, but today I have fully understood that our team has pulled together – all of us working towards the same goal and vision (which I touched on yesterday) has meant that things get done….further because everyone is modeling what we are expecting, the ethos has been transformed!

It is only down to the fact that I am so blessed to have such an outstanding team, who go above and beyond, and give 110% to ensuring that their children are the best learners they can be.

Again…..Onward and Upwards is the cry!

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One Response to Seeking out the positives……

  1. headswapboy says:

    My maths leader gives 125% but sadly with VAT running at 20% we are left with only 100% of his efforts. I am considering disciplinary procedures.

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