The power of a team……

This is now the third piece of writing I have done today.  Not only have I submitted a piece to our local village newspaper, but I’ve also completed my post for our school blog.  I’m beginning to wonder how I have so much to say!

So, in my school blog I actually wrote about our collective worship the other day.  I think the main reason I wrote about it in my school blog as well as here, is it highlights for me just how far we have come.  When we had our SIAMS inspection in the summer term, the inspector commented on how well the children could ‘talk the talk.’  They could explain what we do in school, how we learn, what makes us better learners, what makes us ‘purple learners,’ how we improve, what core values underpin our school, what they mean, what other values we focus on, etc, etc.  The didn’t need to be coached, they just answered naturally, as if it had been a part of our school for years.  However, we had only begun implementing it about four months beforehand…..but we didn’t cut any corners – we went all in and everyone was on side.  We all worked together to transform the learning and the attitudes of everyone involved.

During the assembly I was comparing Superman and Batman.  I asked what the difference was between them.  We have been focusing on mindset so most of the children probably realised that I was somehow making a link.  I didn’t think I would get the answer I was looking for.  But, a child in year 6 actually said, Superman was ‘given’ his powers but Batman has to work hard to be who he is.  Wow!

Then I asked the children if they knew how many hours, Malcolm Gladwell asserts it takes someone to practice a skill before they become a master…….a boy in year 5’s hand shot up and he replied, 10,000!

The children really are getting it…..they understand what we are trying to do…..

In my maths group I have the children turning to each other when someone says they can’t do something and they say, “yet!”

It is amazing how something can take hold… a school can ‘buzz’ with learning… everyone can work together towards the same goal and vision.  It truly is phenomenal.

Everyday, no matter how difficult things may be, I am so thankful to have such an amazing, inspirational and influential job……

I love every moment of it…….

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