Effective ‘interventions’………

I’m often very dubious about training for ‘interventions’ that are supposedly proven to raise attainment of children in specific areas.   Any additional teaching and input in core areas that children have gaps in will prove to help children’s progress.  It is all about identifying the key topics that children need support in and ensuring that time is given to them for practicing these skills so they become more proficient in using and applying them.

Furthermore, the adult supporting them needs to completely understand what areas these are for each pupil.  So, taking an ‘off the shelf’ intervention may not have any impact if the adult teaching it is not effective in its delivery or if it does not hone in on the areas in which the pupils need extra support.  Quality first teaching is what it is all about.  We always hear this, but it is so fundamentally true.  Often these interventions are run just for the sake of running them, but when delving deeper into the data of, let’s say, an eight week program, you will often find hardly any progress made or even no movement with many of the children.  In fact, it is these children who may have suffered by being in this intervention rather than being in their classroom with their peers.

There are many interventions that can be highly effective as long as they are well led, organised and delivered.   However, schools need to be more discerning when choosing which interventions should be run across their school.  One program that works in one context does not necessarily mean it will be as effective in another context.  It must work for that school.  So, tailor made programs will be much more effective than ones ‘just out of the folder.’  They need to  be adapted for the children they are aimed at.

It is common sense, really – Quality first teaching and then bespoke programs specifically adapted to those pupils identified as needing additional support………..

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