‘Service’ in our community…….

After the events of this week, you begin to think.  You begin to think about the world around you, the people that surround you, the community that you are in.  Often it is a catastrophic event that actually propels people to band together, to work together and to unite.  It shouldn’t take such extreme measures, but it is events like this when people have to support each other, to ensure that everyone has what they need…..there is comfort knowing that there are other people facing the struggle with you.

Schools are at the heart of the community, therefore they should be a place where people feel they can come, even if they don’t have children there.  I feel, especially after what has happened, that a school should be a place of safety and refuge, if necessary.  We are here for the community – when help is needed, we will do whatever we can……but everyone needs to know that we are here for them, always.  We must be a consistency.

For instance, at Christmas, we asked parents to donate wrapped boxes of chocolates or biscuits, so that we could have the children take them with a handwritten card to all of the senior citizens of our village.  This was just a small token from our school to them, to say that we were here…….to invite them into our school, to make sure that they knew we were thinking of them.

One of our key school values is that of service.  The children understand that through our charity work we are demonstrating ‘service’ to both national and international causes.  A huge focus is always on our community as well, the people on our doorstep.  Some who have no families near by, or some who have no one.  Therefore, hopefully, knowing that our children are thinking of them and want them to be a part of our school, will provide some sense of comfort.

Alongside the church, we need to be the heart of our community, we need to extend an open invitation, people need to feel welcome and involved…..therefore, we will show our support in any way that we can…….

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