Visitors… is in the details…..

Tomorrow is our last open morning before parents have to put down their top choices for primary school.  I love to have visitors into school.  At first I tried to do ‘talks’ to the prospective parents, but quickly realised that I only ever had a handful of parents.  So, it has been more useful to let parents see our school in action by having a tour with some pupils and then to answer any questions that they have at the end.  Children tell it like it is.

Sometimes they say things that perhaps we wouldn’t want them to, or we wince at, but most parents love the ‘truth’ of it all.  Children will also talk about things that we, as adults, wouldn’t even think about.  Seeing the school from a child’s point of view is far better for prospective parents as they will have a better insight into how their own child will fare in our school.  The assistant head and I are then available for any questions and to ensure that everything is covered.

As part of this, I’m always a stickler for the school looking as organised and as tidy as possible.  In school we are all busy.  So, when we take resources, we are often in such a hurry that things are not put back in their place.  The thing that drives me crazy is the staff room after lunch.  I realise that many staff have had to rush through their lunch after dealing with children or marking, etc, but I can’t stand to see things not put away and tidy.

To deal with this I have been looking into implementing an ‘organisation’ policy in which it clarifies how classrooms, corridors and any public places should be left orderly and tidy.  It should look as though we are expecting visitors everyday!  We all feel so much better when things are tidy and organised.  The children will respect the environment more and I really believe it will impact on their learning.

It is like when you go and wash your car…….for some reason it is always a smoother ride when you drive away.  The same goes for a school – when things are fresh and clean, everything will run more smoothly.

How do you deal with this in your school?

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