Reading…..Always on the go……

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading over the past few weeks. When you are sick, sometimes that is about all you can manage. But I’ve been reading bits and pieces….lots of skimming….articles, new Ofsted documents (always a pleasure!)…..

I have so many books sitting on my bookshelf that I want to read… many of us wish that we could read by osmosis? If only I could go to sleep with a book under my head and then when I woke in the morning I would have retained everything from it! Imagine how knowledgeable I would be! But, I always have at least one or two (or yes three!) that are lurking by the bed or in the living room. I need to be more disciplined with getting through one whole book at a time, I think at least that would make me feel more like an accomplished reader.

At the moment I have two fiction books on the go (both recommended by my mum (which may mean that they could be on the go for a very long time!) and Carol Dweck’s ‘Mindset’ which I am reading fully now. I’ve been trying to find our copy of ‘Outliers.’

So many books, so much learning to undertake, so many adventures and places to visit……

As leaders, reading up to date and relevant research is essential. We should always be reading something!

What’s on your desk?

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