Learning through others…..

To further my professional development I have joined a new network of first and second year headteachers.  I’ve been unable to attend any of the key sessions yet, but the next one is coming up in February.  I’m looking forward to networking with more headteachers who are at the same stage as I am – sharing ideas and feelings about how the job is going…..

As part of this, I have been designated a coach who will work with me throughout the year.  I have just found out that my coach is a very experienced head from another school whose vision seems quite aligned with that of mine.  It is also a head that I had heard of due to their excellent work in turning around the school they are in.  It’s exciting to know that I will be able to gain insight from such an influential and motivated headteacher.  I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can from her……

Our key phrase at school is, “Working in Partnership for Success.”  It was there when I arrived, but one I kept because I really believe it.  Since I have begun my role as headteacher I have actively sought out partnerships wherever I could…..I’m always looking for ways to build networks and partnerships.  These partnerships are with local community members, parents, businesses, agencies and other schools.  The more people that are working to help support you, the better.  Not only is it isolating working on your own, but sharing good practice only helps improve outcomes for all of our children.  Networking makes us stronger – it makes our schools better places, better learning environments that are always seeking to improve.  This is our job…….to constantly seek ways to improve our practice no matter how good we already are.  We always need to be looking to achieve that next target.

I cannot imagine anything more powerful than schools and leaders working together, sharing good practice, resources and knowledge……the power of learning through others….as Voltaire retorted: “Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?”

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