Coaching to support and improve……

One of the major changes that has taken place in our school is that of the role of subject leaders.  Getting ready for the new curriculum has meant that subject leaders have really had to take a front seat in developing an engaging curriculum that fits with our school.  Not only this, but they have had to also had to implement an assessment system that corresponds and will eventually help phase us out of levels.

They were given time last year to ensure that everything was embedded and that their curriculum areas could be rolled out across all the key stages.  With a higher profile being given to their leadership areas, I created a monitoring and evaluation schedule that is not only rigorous, but highlights all the key tasks that need to be completed by teachers, subject leaders, senior leaders and governors, each small term.

With this, a significant change is in peer observations.  Where once only the headteacher observed lessons, I am now asking all my subject leaders to do observations.  I am trying to implement a culture of sharing good practice within our school – not always having to seek help from outside of our school doors, but trying to cultivate it within our school first.  As this is such a novel idea in our school, I’m going about it very cautiously – therefore, I have instigated discussions on how we can begin using peer coaching as a way to do this.  Therefore, lesson observations are not seen as a way for subject leaders to merely critique their peers, but to support them in improving their practice in that subject.

I’ve been trawling resources and websites for video clips of how schools use this most effectively.  It would be great to share ideas as to how you do this in your schools.

What is the focus when subject leaders observe lessons?

How do they share the feedback with the teacher?

Do you use coaching as a way to implement this?

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