Ready for Tomorrow?

I’ve now polished off the growth mindset presentation for tomorrow.  A huge thank you to Chris Hildrew at and Huntington School and John Tomsett.   They had a wealth of ideas and resources that have really helped me put it all together.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and starting a new term.  It is always exciting.  I just want to keep the enthusiasm going with my staff and keep them energised and not worn out.  This can often be the difficulty – keeping things going at a rapid pace, new ideas, extra events, the business that school life brings with it, while keeping staff at their most enthusiastic and tip top shape! Throughout term I try to throw in some additional time – or just try to give them something to always look forwards to.  Anything to keep everyone motivated!  It is the same with the children – they get tired out so easily, so always having things to keep them engaged and excited is the way to go!  We are all human…..

I only hope that my passion and enthusiasm wears off on them.  They say a smile is contagious…….

I hope you all have a great start back tomorrow…..


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