Beginning our journey into becoming a growth mindset school…….

It’s amazing how many schools are now becoming aware of ‘growth mindset’ and beginning to apply it in all that they do.

I had become familiar with Dweck and growth mindset a few years ago while I was still a deputy head.  Then when I became a headteacher and began our work with Diana Pardoe, I was reminded of it and began looking at the principles of instilling this culture within our school.

It is now the perfect time to really push ‘mindset’ as a school.  Focusing on ‘learning’ and what makes us better learners – thinking about blockers and movers, resilience, etc – has made us focus on having a ‘can do’ attitude and has changed the way we approach tasks.  We have talked about ‘growth mindset’ in our work with Pardoe but now is the time to really push it and reignite the idea with all of our stakeholders.

Our Inset on Monday will be incorporating higher order questioning, including Philosophy for Children as well as looking at mindset and how we can more formally approach it within our school.

Mindset had become a key point within our home-school agreement in September, but we now need to ensure it is more explicit in all that we do. When I had been researching ‘growth mindset’ a few years ago, I’m sure there weren’t as many resources and schools available as there are now.

There is a wealth of information now and quite a few schools who have adopted the idea of growth mindset.  It will be interesting to see what the outcome of implementing such a  culture will be……but I can only imagine, if done correctly, will help raise the attainment, achievement and aspirations of all children.

It is exciting to see how our school is transforming and developing at each stage.  We have already undertaken massive steps and visitors say that they can really feel a ‘buzz’ in the school.  This is what we want…..we want everyone to be ‘buzzing’ about learning and feel the passion in our school.

We have come so very far, but there is still so much more to do…….

Onwards and Upwards as Always…….

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