Thinking about a new term…..

I’ve been preparing for our Inset day on Monday.

I’m always keen to keep the motivation and enthusiasm high as I know how hard it can be to come back after a wonderful and entertaining two weeks off.  So, I always aim to keep spirits up and people excited about their return to school.

Our team at the moment, is fantastic.  Everyone is working so well together and really pulling in the same direction.  In fact, I did a staff survey at the very end of the summer term and 100% of the respondents agreed that they knew and understood the vision for  the school and where we were aiming to go. 100%  also agreed that leaders did all they could to improve teaching and learning.  Now, not all of the survey results were as terrific as this – but I was very happy with the results of these two statements in particular. Also, I really feel that just from then, we have come even further and taken massive strides forwards.

If the whole team understands and knows what we are trying to achieve and where we are aiming for, there is a much better chance of us truly attaining it!  Everyone will be clear in their role and what they need to do to take us that step closer to reaching it.

So, I’m really excited about a new year, a new term, a fresh start.  I’m all about ‘fresh starts,’ but I always say that ‘this moment’ is our fresh start – it can begin wherever and whenever you like.  It’s funny, but I still get butterflies and can’t sleep the night before the start of a new term – not from anxiety, but from the thousand and one new ideas I have or ways to improve things.  There is never a dull moment in a school – that is what is so fantastic about this job.

So, to all of you – hope you have a terrific start to your Spring Term 2015 – a term for new ideas, new inspirations and igniting a renewed thirst for knowledge…….

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