The start of another year!

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When I look back over a year worth of blog posts, I realise just how quickly a year passes us by.  There are ups and downs, but life keeps throwing things our way and we have to deal with them as best as we can.  It is in the way that we deal with things that determines the outcome and often determines the rest of the path that we travel.

I haven’t made any ‘New Year’s resolutions’ as such, but I’m just hoping that this year is another year full of learning, laughing and love!  People always ask how I can smile through everything……but I ask them, ‘how can you not?’  No matter what our circumstances, there are always things that we can be thankful for – and focusing on these can completely change our outlook on life.

Reflecting over the past year I realise how important this blog has been.  Professionally, it has allowed me to network with amazing people and to share and develop ideas.  It has allowed me to reflect on my practise and to help me gain a better perspective on wider issues when they arise.  It has kept me balanced and helped me to grow and become a better leader.

So, to a New Year……becoming a better wife, mother and leader in education!  Onwards and Upwards……Always!

Happy 2015 everyone!

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