Much more than just results…….

So yes, our school did make the league table list.

Of course I was very happy, but I’m more excited by the fact that our children have achieved so much!  It is the individual successes, the children behind those results, the stories as to how much effort was put into achieving those level 4’s, level 5’s and level 6’s.  That is what is so terrific!  Some of those children didn’t ever think they could achieve a level 4 or anything above.  The success was in the fact that most of our cohort of year 6 achieved above what they expected.  They saw the fruit of their labour and hard work – we were able to watch them realise that they could achieve what they set their minds to.  They finally realised that if they put forth their best effort, they could truly ‘be the best they could be.’

But as I said, an outstanding school is made up of so much more than just the results.  It is about the opportunities that our children are given, the range of  activities we offer children so that they can find something that they flourish at.

For example, this Christmas every child had the chance to perform in a Christmas play.  We had three different versions of the Nativity this year.  KS1, KS2 and a Year 6/Reception play. Every child stood on the stage.    In our school every child learns how to read music by playing the recorder.  All of our year 3 children learn how to play the violin.

From sports, to music, to languages to art – we try to provide a range of activities so that children find things they enjoy – find out what inspires them.

Inspiring children to learn is what our core purpose must be.

Results aren’t what makes a school – but results will surely come with a school that nurtures children’s creativity, engages and truly inspires them to question the world around them and ensures that every child constantly challenges themselves to ‘be their very best.’

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