Always waiting for Ofsted…

So we are now five weeks into the new school year. It is crazy how quickly time is flying by. I’ve decided to start blogging weekly as I feel I will have more to say and ramble less. I’ll try it, anyways….can’t promise a lack of ‘ramblings’ though!

Today I attended an ‘Ofsted Ready’ course. It was very useful in updating me with all the new requirements from the revised framework. It seems we are in a continual cycle of change at the moment. I suppose it is a good thing we are so used to change as it makes it much easier to deal with when it does rear its head.

Your head is so full of information when you come away from these courses. You don’t really know where to start. You know that you have things under control and key documents prepared but you walk away with yet another endless list of tasks to do, just in case.

We are now in constant limbo-always expecting Ofsted, or ‘just about to be expecting Ofsted.’ It could be two more years before they actually walk through your door, but you always must be ready. Especially now, with the ‘no notice’ inspections. Yes, this does fill me with anxiety (only because I’m a perfectionist and at least like a bit if notice before someone walks through our door). However, our schools should constantly be ‘ready’ for inspection. Our job is to consistently provide the very best care, education and learning experience for every child in our school. That is part of the ‘culture’ not something you can ‘prepare’ for. Therefore we have to get it right all of the time. So, ‘no notice’ inspections might put us on edge, but if our children are safe, inspired by outstanding teaching and being challenged to ‘always be their best,’ there shouldn’t be much to worry about (except making sure the reams and reams of paperwork they will want to look at is up to date!).

Websites are now a crucial part of the process. I walked away knowing that our school website is in a much better state than where it was a year ago. (You can read my earlier posts on websites). I now have one that reflects our school- who we are, what we stand for and what we represent. It focuses on the child and provides a way for parents to keep up to date on what is going on in their child’s class as well as ways to further support them at home. Part of the ‘Nob-Negotiables’ list at the start of the year, was the requirement of all teachers to update their class page weekly to help support our home-school link. And yes….I have a headteacher’s blog on there as well!

A massive thank you to @philhealy10. Check him out. He took my vision and truly turned it into a reality. My husband was stunned that someone was able to actually create something that I was so thrilled with. He has included every aspect in our website that I could have imagined. It is exactly as I wanted it…..Ofsted ready, parent friendly and a true reflection of our ‘unique’ and outstanding school.

Words cannot highlight how appreciative I am @philhealy10……thank you.

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