Focus, Focus, Focus……Books about Education….

What is it about books that lure you in, convince you to leaf through their pages with interest and inquisitiveness?  

My bookshelf is full of books waiting to be read.  It is full of books that have been read as well, of course……

At the moment I have about five new, unopened books – all about education, that I have been wanting to read over the summer.  I just haven’t yet…..but I need to, I really want to.

When my mum and I went to New York, I had taken three books with me, two education books and one that was a fiction book (she had given to me).  When I pulled one out on the air plane, she asked me why in the world I had brought those books with me.  She retorted, “You’re on holiday, stop thinking about work!”  But what many people don’t understand, is that I love to read these books.  I love to learn about ‘best practice’ about how to be better, how to improve.  I’m a nerd……but I’m always looking for things, ideas, philosophies that really can transform children’s lives.

So yes, perhaps these books don’t allow me to drift off into a foreign land or be gripped by the tensions of dramatic plot, but they allow me to question, to ponder and to imagine the perfect school, the ideal learner or a new exciting way to engage children and to ensure they love to learn.  That is what excites me, inspires me, gives me purpose……how can that not be enjoyable?

My problem is that I cannot just focus on ‘one’ book……I would like to read them all at once.  I can never just have one book that I am reading, there is always two or even more.  I’m trying to focus on getting through one and then I’ll work my way through the rest.  I just can’t seem to get through them as quickly as I would like.  These books take more time than fiction.  Where I could stay up during one night and get through a whole fictional account, I have to re-read different lines, headings and paragraphs in my ‘education’ books – I highlight, I post-it, take notes and fold down important pages – I use the book, I memorise interesting points – I jot things down in my notebook.  I study these books and re-visit them when the time is needed.  So, these books take time – they take focus.

I enjoy the process of reading these books, the whole routine excites me.  So, how can this be considered work?  

My husband always reminds me that you will never work a day in your life if you love what you do.  

How right he is……



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