Enjoying every moment…..

Life is short. Too short to hold resentments, too short to not hold your loved ones tightly, too short not to laugh as often as possible, too short to have regrets.

We hear those quotes about living in the moment or not putting off things that you could do today. They are true, all so true.

We don’t know when our time will come….so we need to truly take each moment and enjoy them all. We need to be ‘mindful’ of the world around us, take pleasures in the small details as often these can be the most important, and even the most memorable.

We need to hold our families close, really get to know them and take pleasure in the things that make them happy. It is our close friends and families that will always have our backs, who will always be there.

So live in the ‘moment.’ Don’t keep telling your children ‘not now’ or ‘later,’ but listen to them, look at their paintings or stories and take a moment to show them how proud you are. Give them your time, give your time to others, always, as people will remember you for this. Take the time to look people in the eye, show them your appreciation and take the time to ‘listen’ to what they have to say.

I am always in a rush…many of us always are, it is so easy to be in a world where everything is so fast-paced and full on. So, my challenge is to slow down, to take a little more time…..to be more ‘mindful’ of all that is around me.

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2 Responses to Enjoying every moment…..

  1. Jahnavi Kurapati says:

    Nice post!! I especially liked the way you ended by specifying the rush in our lives and the need to slow down.. It’s a true challenge for all of us because we are forced by so many things in life to get things done quickly.

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