Food, Glorious Food!

Why is it when you go on holiday you feel as though you need to try every type of food that passes across your line of vision?

I am so full. I have been eating non-stop since being on this trip. In the ‘real world’ you aren’t constantly thinking about what you are going to eat next…..most of the time I am skipping meals. But here it seems that before we have even finished the meal that is being eaten, we are thinking about what is going to be next. We have had Korean, Mexican, ‘New York’ pizza, Vietnamese, the list goes on. It is ridiculous how much food we have consumed.

Not only that, but also when a meal is finished we feel the need to go somewhere else to get a desert. Only in the USA!

Tomorrow we are going shopping. I’m going to be continuing this lust for food by buying items that we cannot get in England and that we are running out of. Things that we just can’t seem to go without……things we would prefer not to go without.

It seems, however, that the list of items is just growing longer and longer.

I have come back after six years and am remembering all the things I used to love to eat and drink. I just want to try them all again… is getting crazy and obsessive….

I went into the local Walgreens yesterday and landed in their candy isle…….there are just too many delicious things….too many things I remember as being completely delicious… is kind of like being in Willy Wonka’s Factory… will end up in some sort of trouble unless you can resist the temptation….

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