Brotherly Love….

So, as I have mentioned, I haven’t seen my two older brothers for six years….it is amazing with family how you can just pick up where you left off. We are all the same at heart, just older and wiser.

Even though my family, my husband and children, are at home in England and I miss them terribly, spending quality time with my brothers and their families has been incredible.

Today we all went to the pool and I began realising that when you aren’t living ‘somewhere’ anymore, you miss things to begin with but then manage to forget them. But when you go back to that ‘somewhere’ you begin to realise all the things you actually do miss. However, saying that, no where is quite like home, and you would gladly give up those things just to be ‘home.’

We ended up going on a run. We began with the idea that we would run eight miles. Well, for me and my oldest brother, this turned to only two, and I was beaten! I could barely finish the two! I felt marginally better when my other brother finally came back after only running four (this is the brother who is ‘the’ marathon runner) and was also wiped out.

Dinner was a Korean feast – a BBQ that was set up in the middle of our table. The food and company were amazing.

The evening ended with me reading bedtime stories to three very worn out children. Having my brothers’ children around me, helps make missing my family a bit more bearable.

I wish I could give them all goodnight kisses this evening….

Your family is so important…..hold them close and remember that they are the ones who will always have your back…..

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