New York, Here We Come!

So, I’m just about to go to bed….

In the morning my mum and I are off to New York to spend a week with my two brothers and their children.

I couldn’t be more excited!

They both have two children,
I have met both of their eldest, but not their two boys who are both under the age of six. It has been six years since I have last seen my brothers….it’s crazy!

My mum and husband arranged the trip between them….dates and all. So it was a surprise to find out that I was going.

It is very odd actually leaving the country without my kids and husband….but he says it will do me the world of good. I have joked about having to leave the country so I really can leave work behind me….but for a week I really will be unreachable, my phone will go unanswered…..

I’m looking forward to reuniting with the two brothers who always had my back when we were growing up, my two brothers who always treated me like one of them…..we played American football in the streets, climbed over fences to get to the best basketball courts….they could have left their little sister at home, but they didn’t….

I’m looking forward to making more fond memories….

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