Time and energy is all that is required!

The kids and I have been running….

They have been wanting to challenge me. So every evening we have been going to the field opposite to run up and down the dirt track. We haven’t measured it, but I would think running up and back is probably a half mile.

My daughter is athletic….I haven’t yet broke it to her, but I think she could probably beat me in a short distance race. I’m getting slower as I get older….I hate to admit it. I was always a pretty fast runner, good at distance as well. My daughter has caught it too….she just needs to work on her stamina now.

My son, on the other hand, is built like a rugby player. But, he was going and going….he didn’t want to give up and just kept running up and down….back and forth.

I love having time to just do simple things like this….no money required, just time and energy….which at the moment we have in heapfuls!

Enjoy your summer days and if you have joined me in the ‘switched off’ challenge…..then enjoy all the extra time you have!

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