One simple way to change your life…..are you up to the challenge??

It makes such a difference when the TV is off and all the electronics are off. I can feel myself coming back to reality…..

My daughter and son have both said how much they enjoy having everything off. My daughter isn’t allowed a ‘phone’ but she has an iPod- so she can e-mail and iMessage her friends…..if I let her, this could consume her whole day. It becomes a ‘problem’ when as parents we don’t limit this ‘time’ or in fact ‘keep an eye’ on what they are doing. As parents it is our responsibility to know what our children are up to all the time.

So, during school terms, our children aren’t normally allowed TV, computer games or iPods during the week and then during the weekend their time is limited on these things.

It is so obvious to see how consuming electronical gadgets and ‘phones’ actually are. You only need to walk by a bus stop, or a train platform, or even a coffee shop nowadays. Where once a coffee shop was where you would go meet a friend for a chat and a ‘catch-up,’ it is now crammed full of people on their laptops or phones, on their own. How often do you see friends or couples together but with their face in their screens?

I could become like that…..we all could become like that. Everything is now at our fingertips with our phones and they can too easily entrap you.

But I am now making a conscious decision to not be like that. I knew I had a ‘problem’ when the thought of having to ‘switch’ off like the children, made me feel unsettled.

But, truly, what am I going to miss? A friend’s status update or their recent family vacation pictures? An e-mail or work related dilemma that then lures me to the keyboard? Things really are getting rediculous…

So, why don’t you join me…..turn everything off-grab a book, play a game, paint, draw, write, spend quality time with those you care about, be inspired! If the thought of putting your phone away actually fills you with trepidation…..then you really need to do this.

Radically change your life and those around you……are you up to the challenge??

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