We are switching it all off…..

Every August, the kids and I have always turned everything off.  That means, no T.V, no video games, no phones, etc, etc.  When I say phones, I mean constantly having the IPhone to check on the internet, check e-mails or anything else other than actually using it as a ‘phone,’ we now live in a society where it is too easy to always be at everyone’s beckon call. 

However, we have had to make an exception this year.  Obviously, if we are all giving things up, I have to as well, or else it really isn’t fair.  So, during the week, we are not going to have anything on, but then during the weekend we can watch some T.V. and play some video games, etc, etc.  This then allows me to access the internet, e-mails and other things during the weekend.  The only thing we have said is that I will continue to do this blog each day. 

This year is the first time that I have realised the importance of really tuning everything out.  Every day so far, I have been checking my e-mails a few times a day and working on bits and pieces for school.  I still haven’t left work and my computer is always in our office luring me to it.  Therefore, making sure that we switch it all off during the week, will force me to focus only on my family and not worry about anything else.  I really need this.

So, tomorrow is the 1st of August and I cannot wait to truly spend time with my family. Unfortunately or fortunately, for them, we are always learning new things and writing, doing maths, science experiments and all sorts of other exciting activities.  Having a teacher as a mum can sometimes haunt them!  But, my children love to learn, which makes days like these so fantastic.

Why don’t you try ‘switching it all off’ even if it’s just for a little while?  You’ll be amazed at all that you can achieve in a day and how free you feel……..

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