Getting things ready and keeping sane……

I’ve been using my evenings for the past couple of weeks, to get some key documents updated and ready for a fresh start in September.  We have so many policies and so many which I’m sure people do not even realise we have.  There are some policies that I think we need to refer to throughout our time at school such as the teaching and learning policy, the marking policy, the home-school agreement, the prospectus, the staff handbook, etc, etc.

I have also drawn up a list of non-negotiables – key things that need to be adhered to for consistency across the school.  Currently, we are all doing a really good job at embedding new practice – but now it is just about making things fully consistent across the school, so we all know what we are doing, we all know our responsibilities in class and to the school.  

My aim is to make things as crystal clear as possible next year.  Lay things out in an orderly and timely fashion so everyone is on board and has time to prepare for what comes next. The thing is, every term is a fast paced term – we are always saying things like, “oh it’s Christmas, this is such a busy term” or, “during the summer term we have so many things to complete…”  We need to just face the fact that our job is never ending.  The fast pace just continues day in and day out.  We either keep up or we burn out.  

It is this fact that is why it is so essential to keep that work-life balance intact.  That is why there needs to be time for your family, time for yourself and time to get away from it all. 

This is the first year I have realised the importance of actually ‘getting away.’ Going away, so that I have a real excuse to turn everything off and to only focus on the family, is just what I need at the moment.  And that is just what I am going to do…….

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