Summer is almost here…

A few more days in school….but I’m going to switch myself off from it all soon. I think I owe it to myself!

Thinking forwards to September and I get that flutter in my tummy like I’m about to start my first day of school all over again. I love that my job makes me feel that way….I hope it is always like this. But as my husband always says, when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!

It’s true…

Even though there are always things that are sent to test and challenge us, the experiences always make us stronger and we can always learn something from them..

I’ve learnt such a great deal this past year and all my experiences will help me to be more decisive and more confident of my vision and how to get everyone there. I’m looking forward to the new team and a fresh start.

But before September gets here, I’m looking forward to taking some down time….spending quality time with the family doing whatever we happen to do……these are the moments we will always remember…

I’m just trying to truly make every moment count…

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