Teaching and Learning…..

This is what our business is all about;  teaching while ensuring that the children are as inspired and engaged by learning as they can be.

Tonight I have been reviewing our Teaching and Learning policy.  At the moment it doesn’t fully reflect our practice.  I want to incorporate the things we have learnt from our Di Pardoe training – thinking about ‘purple learners’ and the ‘purple bus.’  

I want it to be a policy that needs to be read by new members of staff, supply and volunteer teachers.  It needs to be a policy that highlights how fantastic we are at teaching and learning while incorporating our marking and feedback policies within it.  

I want it to be a document that shows how ‘outstanding’ our practice is.  It should be a ‘key’ document of schools, but I truly want it to be ‘key,’  Therefore, I’m really trying to nail it.  I want to be able to present it to staff and for them to realise how powerful it can be.  It needs to be implemented and from that there needs to be a clear impact.

What is your teaching and learning policy like at your school?  Is it up to date and relevant?  Is marking and feedback incorporated in the T&L policy or is it separate?  

I want to hear others’ thoughts……

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