Getting Organised…

It is so quiet at school.  No bustling of children, empty classrooms.

I’m feeling quite accomplished, however, as things are getting highly organised!  Filing away all the papers that have slowly built up over the past few months feels great….clearing things away and throwing things out helps to make way for new ideas.

I walked around the school today.  Classrooms looking so barren as displays have been pulled down and shelves looking empty waiting for new boxes and resources.

There has been alot of change over this past year, but there is more coming in September.  New teachers in different classes and a new curriculum.  It is an exciting time.

So tomorrow will be another day of clearing and compartmentalising, restoring order to my office.  I love to see the sleek look of a clean desk, free from clutter and sticky notes.  I do love my sticky notes!

But, as I said yesterday, there is always something else to do.  Next on the agenda is to go through all of the child and staff questionnaires and build them into my SEF.  

When that is done, there will be yet another task to get onto….

Your work is never finished……

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