My final words….

Well today was the leaver’s service at church. The last one where our goodbyes suddenly start to feel real.

Knowing only one day is left has really put things into perspective….a whole year is coming to a close.

Last night I was trawling through things I could read at the service but nothing seemed right….so finally I decided I should just write something myself.

These are my words for the year six class….

My words of advice as you walk through a life of enchantments, challenges, excitement and adversaries….

Be brave even though your knees might tremble.

Be bold even if it makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Be honest even though the consequences terrify you.

Be patient even when it takes others a little longer to catch up.

Be proud of your mistakes even if you make the same ones, as they make you wiser and often your greatest achievements will come from them.

Be humble even if it means allowing others to go before you.

Be strong even when the winds and friends try to steer you in the wrong direction.

Be confident even when the whole world seems against you.

Be proud of who you are even when others jest at your differences.

Be thankful even when things don’t go your way.

Be a leader even in times when it seems easier to just give in….

Be yourself and others will surely follow

Be yourself and others will marvel at your ways

Be yourself and others will search for the secret of your success.

But, you will know that you are simply being you….

Who you were always meant to be….

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2 Responses to My final words….

  1. Beautiful words, and very well done for your first year of headship! X

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