We are all reflecting…….

I can’t believe we are almost at the end….  I had a lovely day with year 1 this morning thinking back through their year and what their favourite parts have been.  It can often be surprising what the children say is their best memory from the year.  But they do remember it all…..Many of them talked about their favourite topics, the things that inspired them.  Many mentioned their ‘under the sea’ topic where they learnt about whales, the Titanic and different boats and ships.  They could tell me so many details about all they had learnt.

Then this afternoon I have enjoyed ‘Capture the Flag’ with the year 6 class.  We ended up having a game between the year 6 and the year 5 which we all thoroughly enjoyed!  

I wish all days could be as carefree as today…..we all reflected…..and the year 6 spoke about some of their memories from when they were in Reception.  What a real end to an era!  

An idea was given to me, a new way to get people to reflect over the year……a ‘dumping ground’ so to say.  On the staff board we have two sheets of paper with envelopes on them.  One is labelled, ‘What has gone well this year,’ and the other is, ‘What I wish had gone better.’  I’ve told people to ‘dump’ their woes for this year to enable them to start fresh in September.  We are wiping the slate clean and I will then be able to use the information to make changes in things we do in school.  This, including the staff questionnaire, will be useful to me in creating an action plan for change.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my practice and to improve the things we do in school.  

I’ve loved reading the children’s questionnaires that have been coming back to me.  Some of their comments really brighten up my day!  They are so truthful about everything and we should be taking note of their voice much more in all that we do.

How does your school use ‘voice’ to improve practice?  How do you use staff and children questionnaires?  

What activities do you use to create change for the new year?  


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