Tying up loose ends……

Well, the days are just passing by….now there is only four remaining.  I have kept saying this since January,  but I really don’t know where the time goes.

It seems this week, I’m tying up all the loose ends, so things are ready to go in September and we have as seamless a transition as possible.  I can feel a small amount of tension in the air as people are realising that September will be here before we know it and all the change that it will bring has a bite of uncertainty in it.

A very few will expect it to be rocky to begin with….anything new is….but as we settle and get into the routine, deep down we all know that with a united front and a bit of hard work, things will run smoothly.  I am really excited about it all and the way our school will begin to take shape.

Today I made up a list of non-negotiables.  Today I sat down and thought about what the things were that we absolutely needed to have in place, to ensure consistency and to make our school a bit more ‘uniform and organised.’  So, things like presentation guidelines, handwriting details, guided reading, etc, etc.  Things that need to become a part of our ‘routine.’  Part of this was what I was discussing yesterday – displays and what is expected to be seen on every classroom wall.

Final questionnaires were passed out today – for staff and children.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the results are and threading them into our new SEF for October.  Now, it is just about finally sorting out the timetables once and for all.  Subjects just keep trying to creep into our precious morning slots (which I am trying to keep only for English and Maths).  Getting time to literally ‘cram’ everything in is becoming overtly evident.  It is about having a balance but ensuring that the curriculum is well covered in a way that stimulates and engages the children.  It is about ensuring that it isn’t just ‘crammed’ in, but thoughtfully interwoven into one massive learning experience for ALL of our children.

It is exciting always looking forward…..always seeing the possibilities!

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