Getting Back Into It……

So, my husband was right.  I should never have stopped writing each day. The pause has made it harder now to sit down and just write a few paragraphs in a matter of moments.  I was able to write my blogs within ten minutes.  That is what made it so easy.  I guess it is just about getting back into the routine of it.  It will all come back.  He told me to keep it up, told me just to keep writing…..I should have listened.

I really can’t believe how quickly this year is coming to an end.  One week left to go.  It is crazy, but I’m already excited about September.  We have had so much change this year, but I feel like we are now really getting into the ‘heart’ of it all.  I’ve really got to know the children and I’m already having to say goodbye to a whole class of them as they move to secondary school.

But, September beckons in the distance.  It lures us with the promise of new surprises, challenges and excitement.  A chance to continue with creating an ethos of ‘being the best’ and unlocking the power of ‘learning.’  As educators we are so privileged to be in the position in which we can do this – we truly have the ability to help transform children’s lives.  What an amazing opportunity!

So, with one week left to go, it is now about getting things right and ensuring everything is up and running for the first day back in September.  This week is about saying goodbye and preparing for transitions.  This is often the saddest week of the year…..

What is this week about for you and your school?


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One Response to Getting Back Into It……

  1. Elaine Wilkin says:

    Have a busy and fulfilling week. I am looking forward to mine. Always a lovely week I think. Although very busy.

    I was dreaming about the kids at school last night. We had a new heating system but when they turned it on there were explosions going on from the floors in all the classrooms which began to look like bomb sites. I was frantically trying to find them all and racing around trying to shepherd them to a safe place. . Phew! I surely do care about them – timely reassurance perhaps? Can you lose your empathy? I guess you can find love in your hearts for all of those kids, even the ones who are sometimes a bit of a challenge. There is always a reason.

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