A Church Inspection…..

So, I have my first church inspection.  It is all happening on Wednesday.

In a very strange way, I’m quite excited by it all.  Of course, I’m aiming for outstanding…….and I really hope that we can attain it.  I feel that there has been so much progress made and I hope that all of our efforts pay off.

I realise though, that my one biggest issues, has not been informing the parents of all the changes that have been taking place.  When I first began in September, our SIAMS inspection was THE thing that I needed to be prepared for.  It was one of the key things that I was given over the summer and told to be ready for.  Therefore, when I began, I looked through the criteria (and obviously wanting to work towards outstanding), realised that there was a great deal to do!  

But, I didn’t consider the changes.  I didn’t think the changes I was implementing, actually were ‘changes’ so to speak, but just ways of doing things more effectively.  I didn’t realise how much the change would initiate discussion.  

It has been a great learning experience.  It has also made me realise that often in trying to attain ‘Outstanding’ we don’t always consider the impact on the community.  We are constantly thinking about that ‘golden ticket’ at the top and everything we need to do to reach it.  

While we have been busy trying to get to the pinnacle, we have left the parents out of it.  This has been a big mistake.  The parents must be a part of the vision – they have to take the journey with us.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve full success.

So, the lesson is that you can’t ‘assume.’  You need to start fresh.  Explain the changes, explain why we need the changes and how it will affect the school and what the outcomes will be.  They need to be involved in the journey.  They won’t all agree, but at least they will know what is happening and have a better insight into ‘why’ things are happening the way they are.

Keeping parents on board will help things run a much smoother course.

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