Building Bridges Part 2 ……….Keeping Everyone Informed

So, we’ve discussed communication.  Another thread of this, is about keeping everyone informed and in the loop.  This is still about communication, but on a deeper level.

One of the things that I have been working on is a new website.  One that will keep parents informed.  Many schools build websites primarily for ‘prospective’ pupils, but ours will not be that, it will be one primarily for our ‘current’ parents and children.  I’m hoping that it will give parents a better insight into what their children are doing each week and further ways of helping them at home.

As parents, we all want to know that our child is doing well at school.  We want to know what they are learning, how well they are doing (in relation to other children their age) and what things we can be doing at home to help them even more.

A website can be a good way to do this.

But, as you know…..I don’t want just any website……I want one that stands out and is different to the rest.  One that highlights us as a school, one that is unique and one that is user friendly.

I’m working on that now……

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