Building Bridges Part 1…..Communication……

Well, I have my new monitoring and evaluation schedule ready for September and the policy review schedule and the…

The list goes on and on…

I’m definitely feeling like a great deal is getting accomplished and it is fantastic.

This year has been excellent, but I know it has been a period for parents to get used to me and used to the change that I have brought (or perceived to have brought!).  It is funny how when you have to prepare for certain things, parents just seem to assume it is the ‘new person’ who is bringing them – when actually there are things being implemented because they are required.  There is a thin line…..a balance.  This have been my biggest learning curve this year.

I feel as though I haven’t yet been granted the parents trust yet.  I completely understand this.  It is difficult coming behind a very well-respected head who was excellent at what she did.  The parents loved her and so it will take time for them to fully accept me.

It is about building up these relationships.  Communication is key and I haven’t yet got that right.  We communicate a great deal through the newsletter, but not everyone seems to take it all in.  Therefore, there must be a better way.  So, one of my key priorities starting now and going into next year is about communication.

Communication is always the easiest thing to complain about.  But actually, it is one of the biggest reasons things begin to go awry.  So building better forms of communication is essential in keeping everyone informed and on side.  A lack of communication and all the systems begin to fall down.

In what ways do you communicate?  How have you improved communication for all at your schools?  It would be great to share ‘good’ practice so we can all improve in this area…….there are always ways to do even better.

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