Seeing change with a positive mindset….

The weeks are counting down…..I just wish there were more hours in the day to actually get things done.

I’m one of those people who have these great ideas, but I want things done quickly. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. If you want the team behind you, they will not stay long if you keep implementing change after change. It takes time to make a difference – at least a difference that is fully embedded. You have to make quick changes and have quick wins, but to truly embed change, it takes patience and teamwork. Everyone needs to be on board and everyone needs to be fully committed to the vision.

There are things that are changing currently that I was envisioning in September, but I’ve needed to get others on board, or to get others to actually lead the change themselves to ensure that it has more meaning and substance.

I understand now why they say that it can take a few years for a headteacher to begin seeing their changes take shape. I don’t want to take a few years, but I can understand fully now why it is perceived as such.

Change is exciting and petrifying all at once. It elicits so many emotions and reactions. The key is to deal with change in a positive but questioning way. Think about the impact and the outcome. What is it that you want from the ‘change’? How will it affect the teaching and learning of the children, or the well-being and safety of all involved?

When thinking about change it is important to think about all of these aspects, to fully think through the vision and what success will look like.

We all have to deal with change at some level. Therefore, we need to think about how to approach it with an open attitude and how it will be implemented.

If you are ready for change, it is less of a predicament……if you are proactive about change it will alter the circumstances dramatically.

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