Safety, happiness and well-being at the centre…

This week seems to have passed by extremely quickly! I think the more I keep thinking about all of the things that need to be completed before the end of the term, the more quickly time is passing by. So many things to get done and such little time!

Change is exciting. I know I keep mentioning it, but I am really looking forward to September. I truly feel as though things are taking shape in an excellent way. Everyone is working together and really beginning to pull together towards a shared vision.

Key things that are taking shape are;

-more focus on guided reading and home links to reading
-outdoor learning across the school
-an exciting, inspiring and engaging curriculum
-sharp focus on intervention groups and ‘nurture’ type groups
-breakfast and after school club
-new shared understanding of ‘learning.’
-more opportunities in sporting and other activities so children can find things that they are passionate about.

We are ensuring that we are focusing on the ‘whole’ child, making sure every child is achieving their potential by providing them with the support and care needed to achieve that.

Therefore, sometimes you need to be a bit creative and think outside of the box. We need to involve the children and ask them what would help them….they can give us the real answers. The key is that if children do not feel confident, safe, and happy, they will not succeed – or will not do as well as they could.

So, our main goal should be just that……first we have to build up the trust, helping children with their self-esteem and self-belief…when we have that, then everything else can be built upon….

Without it…..we would only be building on sand…..

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