Preparing for September…….

Getting things moving along. Almost at the end of the first week.  I have accomplished a great deal, but I am so aware of how much there is still left to do before September.

It is amazing how much you can do and still have so much left to do.  But I suppose that is the one thing about our job – headship- that our job is never done.  Just when we think our pile is dwindling down, several other things pop up all at once.  With over 200 children, new things are cropping up each moment of the day!

There are so many changes coming in September – what with the new curriculum, the SEN reforms and a host of other new initiatives, you would think that teachers were used to coping with so much change.  However, this all seems like a lot of change all at once.

We are working towards being ready for it all.  We will be by September, but there still is quite a bit to do.  We are all trying to keep our heads above water with the day to day things we are doing currently, let alone begin thinking about September!  

Each staff meeting is specifically planned out to incorporate all the subject areas and all the key priorities we need to tackle as a team.

One thing is for sure……we will be extremely organised by the time September rolls around!  I’m actually looking forward to letting everything just run its course from there!

How is your school preparing for change?

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