Getting things right…….

Today I feel like a lot of things were accomplished.  Even though I did not get to check everything off my to-do list from this morning, half of it has been completed.  Saying that the list was a whole page long….so not too bad!

I’m tackling things now that I had wanted to complete at the start of the year.   But, as I have said many times, there are only so many things that you can change at once.  To keep people following along and playing as part of the team, the changes have to be introduced bits at a time, staggered, so things can be embedded and staff aren’t overwhelmed by it all.

The key thing is that changes are embedded.  If they aren’t done properly,  there is not point doing them in the first place, but the key is to give them a bit of time……

Getting prepared for September means that things need to happen quickly.  We only have seven weeks and there is so much happening in these seven weeks that I get slightly panicked!  However, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, you realise that if you just take things a day at a time, there is no reason that everything can’t be completed well.  

Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back….look at the whole picture – break things down into smaller more manageable chunks, think about what can be delegated and what is priority.  Things will get done and your list will get smaller.  

As I mentioned in previous posts, your ‘to-do’ list will save you time, keep you organised and ensure that things are completed.

I wouldn’t start my day without it!

What keeps you on track?

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One Response to Getting things right…….

  1. I totally agree with breaking things down into manageable pieces and being reminded of the bigger picture. I feel that a person can better handle big tasks when they aren’t overwhelmed.

    I have a hard time staying organized, to-do lists definitely help when there’s so much going on!

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