A little out of practice…..

I actually began a new poem last night. I was inspired to write…I wrote a few good lines…..still don’t know about the whole poem, but I’m still working on it so we will see what comes from it.

Writing was once what I thought I would do forever. My destiny. After high school and gaining a writing scholarship to one of the best writing universities in America, what other path was there for me?

It feels so great writing again…..putting images on paper and painting dramatic pictures with words. Playing with words and finding new words, then mixing and matching words together in ways you wouldn’t normally imagine or intend. But, the finished piece (is it ever really finished?) is what tells the whole story, is what completes the painting.

So, perhaps when I have polished the poem I will put it in my post. I feel sort of rusty, unsteady on my feet, unsure of where to go next……poetry used to be where my confidence lay. How times change and how a lack of practice can rattle your nerves.

I will get it right and then share it…..you can then tell me what you think…

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One Response to A little out of practice…..

  1. Kathryn says:

    Sounds like you’re back in your element! Regarding your comment about whether a piece is ever “finished” — I had a writing teacher once tell me: A work of art is never completed, only abandoned. I find it oddly liberating…

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